On a whim, we went to San Antonio a couple weeks ago. While there, we made the obligatory trip to see the Alamo. My seven year old son who is an enthusiast of all things history and war-related, soaked in every inch of the old mission. And yes, he donned a coonskin hat just to top off the experience. 

But before our outing to the Alamo, we enjoyed a little Tex-Mex on the River Walk. On the front of the restaurant’s menu was a picture of a margarita with the tagline “Margaritas so strong you won’t remember the Alamo.” A rather uncouth play on the famous battle cry, “Remember the Alamo!”, that the Texan soldiers cried out during the Battle of San Jacinto to honor the fallen heroes at the Alamo. 

Crass or not, I decided to partake…aaannnddd they were right. 

Anyhoo, just in time for Texas Independence Day, my son proudly produced this artwork. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me chuckle (and cringe). 

I hope this does not come up during his Texas history class in school some day! 

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