We woke up to Ace in bed with us today. The little ninja was all snuggled up in my crook like he owned that place on my pretty, white bedspread. This might not sound like that big of an offense to fellow dog lovers. And I honestly didn’t really mind him being there…I *might* have pulled him in closer for a nuzzle before kicking him out. But what makes it weird is he was in his crate when we went to bed last night. So he’s either a little Houdini or I was sleep walking again. I’m not sure which is worse?!

I can’t, for the life of me, figure out how he would have managed to unlatch that crate?! Lance and I can barely manage the latches on it with the lights on and opposable thumbs. If he figured out a way to jimmy the lock, that means we’re really going to get a run for our money when it comes to training this young pup.
Of course, much to my chagrin, the latter option sounds more likely. Sleep walking was never an issue for me until I got married. Within months of saying “I do,” I was running around our house at night looking for things. My sweet, new husband would try to wake me up and would end up getting the worst tongue lashing about how I wasn’t asleep and that he, was in fact, the crazy one. Once he realized that waking me was futile, he would play along, sending me on my merry way to go track down my wedding ring or our flying squirrels (that one’s a whole other story!). Several minutes later, I would return to bed with a full report on things. Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of it all but most often he would remind me in the morning about my mid-night antics which I would typically claim with a sheepish grin.
I go in and out of sleep walking phases. They’re pretty standard when I’m not getting enough sleep or if I’m under a lot of stress. I’ve been known to do laundry in my sleep, run around the house with a flashlight, and I’ve even woken up in the shower…fully soaped and mid-shampoo.
It would be no surprise if sleep walking was to blame for Ace’s escape from the crate. I suppose it would be the better option of the two. So, tonight I slathered on the lavender oil to guarantee a good nights sleep so I don’t aid and abet the canine ninja.

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