At church this morning the worship team sang a few songs in Spanish. The pastor talked about how incredible it can be to witness other people worshipping God in another language. And although we might not understand the words they are singing, we can connect with their feelings.

So as I sat there today, listening to the worship team sing “Alabaré al Señor mi Dios”… “O praise the Name of the Lord our God,” I couldn’t help but remember the many times I have been fortunate to witness a multi-lingual church service during mission trips over the years. From Mexico and Russia to Papua New Guinea and Thailand…each service was very different, but the enthusiasm for their love of Jesus was the same.

One particular service comes to mind in Papua New Guinea. They met in a large tent. There were no chairs. There was no band. There was no set start time or end time. There was just worship and teaching and fellowship. Villagers from all over the area gathered at this church…it was the only one in a hundred mile radius. And boy did they sing! It was beautiful and inspiring. Their pure joy, expressed in their worship, was tangible. In a country where I felt very far from home, I felt united with these amazing believers.

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