Just about everything about me is run-of-the-mill. Physically, I’m 5’4″ with mousy brown hair and simple fashion sense.  I grew up with both my parents, my two sisters, my grandma, and a small and faithful procession of family dogs. My big sister is brilliant and my little sister is artsy. I’m in the middle, hoarding the family’s quota of common sense. I’ve known my husband since we were 18 and we have a five-year-old son. My husband works, I stay home, and we live in suburbia.

Anyone, when described in one paragraph, sounds ordinary. But our stories tell who we are. They are what makes us interesting, different, funny. The same. Stories connect us to others, in ways we recognize and ways we don’t.

Join me on this journey. I will tell you my stories and they will hopefully inspire you to see the beauty in your own stories.

7 thoughts on “Tell me a story…

  1. Donna, I loved your stories! You have a wonderful way with words and I was totally engaged from beginning to end! Can’t wait for more!


  2. Loved your stories!! It’s fun thinking about my own magical moments that make up my story! Looking forward to more stories! Thanks for sharing!!


  3. I love this blog. I have a premature son 41 years ago. He also had other health issues and a birth defect. He was facing several surgeries and we struggled to keep his birth weight high enough to get him in surgery. It was such a hard time. I was a very new Christian and it was hard to find my faith. I wish I could have heard this story when he was born. Thank you for sharing.


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