We are one week into summer…and what a week it has been for The Boy!

Day 1 – Cavity-free check up at the dentist! I’m such a fun mom…scheduling a dentist appointment on the first day of summer! Teehee.

Day 2 – Mt. Playmore. Again, trying to be fun mom, I carted the boy to this huge indoor playground so he could run around like a monkey and what does he want to do?! The arcade. So I indulge him, because it’s the 2nd day of summer, and I get him a $5 card (big spender). He blows through that in the blink of an eye before realizing that none of the games he chose will lead to any sort of prize. And because I’m a sucker…I put another $5 on his card…which lead to a foam ninja star and two plastic lizards. He then claimed that “all the other kids got 5 prizes”…which I know is a story because there are only a handful of kids there and he hasn’t actually talked to any of them. I quickly deducted that he was just being an ungrateful punk and I’m instantly annoyed about spending $10 on three little toys that probably cost $.15 to make.  We redeemed the day with pizza at 600 Degrees and then we helped sort clothes for the uniform closet at school. Haha! Who drags their kid back to school on the 2nd day of summer?! ME!!!

600 Degrees.jpg

Day 3 – Local pools opened! When I asked my kid what he was most excited about this summer, he answered “swimming!” And he’s proving to be a true Texas kid too…a natural swimmer who could stay in the pool ALL DAY if it weren’t for those darn “adults only” swim breaks. And, of course, that break happened about 10 minutes after we arrived. So he sat on the side, incessantly asking, “can I get back in now?” Inevitably, when the lifeguard blew the whistle after the 15 minute break, he got back in and then immediately announced that he had to go to the bathroom. 🙄 Once he got back in, I’m pretty sure we didn’t see him surface, except to take a breath, for the rest of the evening. We closed down the pool that night…which probably won’t be the last time that happens this summer.


Day 4 – Hanging on the lake with his buddy’s family. He rode on the tube by himself and got his first sunburn of the summer! When we arrived to pick him up, it was obvious he was living his best life that day…his buddy’s grandma feeding them endless cookies and marshmallows, a box full of vintage action figures to play with, and getting to use a pocket knife without an anxious mama breathing down his neck. And as expected, he sliced his finger with said pocket knife…which apparently is a rite of passage in a young boy’s life.


Day 5 – Pre-op tour at the children’s hospital for his surgery on Day 6. Again, I’m such a great mom…scheduling all the fun things for the first week of summer! We had big plans to visit the local children’s museum after our tour, but an acute stomach ache half way through our tour landed us in the emergency room instead. He never complains about anything…so when he doubled over in pain and couldn’t walk on his own, we decided to err on the side of being overly cautious since he was due for surgery the next day. We were in and out in under an hour with an official diagnosis of “he needs to poop” and sent on our way with a Fleet enema. Fun times!


Day 6 – Surgery Day! Pretty sure I win the award for signing my kid up for the lamest start to a summer! We fortunately got bumped up on the schedule which meant he didn’t have to be NPO until 4pm that day…just 2:30pm instead. We did pass our time that day with loads of Jello Jigglers. Who doesn’t love a Jello Jiggler?! All went well with his surgery and he loved riding the big wheel back to the OR!


Day 7 – Day 1 of post-op recovery and limited activity for 7-14 days. If I had a 2” incision on my groin I would be wearing pajama pants for days while binge watching Netflix and enjoying my narcotics high. However, by 8am he had already chased the dog, climbed on the counter for a cup, and hopped up and down on one leg to prove he was tough. If he could have gone swimming and ridden his bike…which you know he also proposed yesterday…we would have officially broken all the post-op rules in the first 24 hours. And there was no pajama wearing for this kid…it was jeans and a belt all day long which makes me just cringe thinking about it.

The other kids in our neighborhood start their summers today. We got a head start on them in days…but we’ll be behind slightly on the fun. Something tells me that we’ll catch up though!

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